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Lentz Villa, Szczecin

     Regular in shape, close to a square in configuration, this building is similar in style to Renaissance structures by Andrea Palladia developed further in the 19th century by neo-renaissance architects such as Gottfried Semper.

 Church of the Holy Family in Szczecinie  

Kościół Św. Rodziny
       A modernistic, brick building, originally raised for an evangelical parish. At that time it bore the name of the Church of the Holy Cross (Kreuzkirche). The building is situated in 28 Królowej Korony Polskiej Street in Szczecin. The church was built according to the project of Adolf Thesmacher, an architect from Szczecin. The cornerstone was laid in June 1929 and the church was consecrated by the Evangelicals on 29th November 1931. The building is 34 m long and 18.5 m wide. The tower is 21 m high. The interior of the church is single-nave. A theatre hall built along with the church still serves as an additional chapel (30 m long, 12 m wide). The church has a capacity of 2000 people. An important element of the décor is a rose window behind the organ with original bright glass which sheds colourful light inside the nave. The finishing of the interior is made of raw concrete and the marble flooring. The main altar (designed by S. Raciborski from Szczecin) is from 1950s and has a form of a marble obelisk with a sculpture of a pelican and an image of the Last Supper. In the vestibule of the church there is a sculpture of Christ which originally was part of the Dewizt family gravestone at the Central Cemetery in Szczecin.


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