Program 2013

  1. 28 June 2013
    The opening ceremony

    Place: 13 muz, Szczecin
    hour: 18:00

    Greetings, champagne, backstage … . The opening ceremony of the 4th Artelier Festival will take place before the first concert of the Festival,
    at the “13 muz” cultural centre (“13 muses”).

  2. 28 June 2013
    The Other Four Seasons

    Place: 13 muz, Szczecin
    hour: 19:00

    Konrad Bukowian
    Artelier Consort

    The project is a reference to
    The Four Seasons, a series of the violin concertos by A. Vivaldi.

    Instead of violin music you are going to listen
    to the four pieces composed by Vivaldi, whose distinctness will correspond to the four
    seasons. The program includes two cello concertos by the composer (as Spring and Autumn). Summer will prove a dynamic Symphony from Vivaldi’s Olympiade and the final season will be Winter from the famous violin Le QuattroStaggioni. An important element of this musical landscape will be an introduction – Chaconne for the viola da gamba solo by Marin Marais, performed on a cello, an allegory of a lone wanderer moved by the beauty of the world around him and the changing seasons.

  3. 29 June 2013
    The Star of Chamber Music

    Place: Parafia Świętej Rodziny
    Kościół pw Królowej Korony Polskiej
    hour: 19:00

    Kwartet Śląski

    The repertoire of the Silesia Quartet
    comprises over 400 chamber music works, including around 300 from the 20th and 21st centuries. The Silesian chamber musicians were the first to perform over 100 violin quartets by both Polish and foreign composers (the majority of performances were dedicated to those composers). The group’s discography comprises nearly 40 albums released by such record labels as ECM, EMI Poland, Olympia, CD Accord and Radio Katowice. Three of their records have been awarded the Fryderyk music prize for the best recording of chamber music.
    During the concert you will hear, for example, the Violin Quartet by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, which is a promise of beautiful atmosphere and wonderful sounds, especially when played against the walls of the Church of the Holy Family.

  4. 29 June 2013
    Jazz at Artelier

    Place: 13 muz, Szczecin
    hour: 21:00

    Daniel Popiałkiewicz Trio

    A jazz concert is the latest arrival at the Artelier Festival and we are glad to start on such a high note. The Daniel Popiałkiewicz Trio is a young ensemble, but it has
    already been acknowledged by the Polish musical scene. The concert will be an opportunity to hear the works from their first album, which Jarosław Śmietana described as “a charming and totally relaxed output by Daniel Popiałkiewicz,  proving him to be one of the top jazz guitarists in Poland. The way he plays is smooth, very mature and technically perfect. You can hear the care for the sound, the wonderful phrasing and well thought out and aware articulations. The same can be said about the double bass player, Maciej Garbowski and the percussionist, Krzysztof Gradziuk, an excellent and invaluably creative rhythm section. It’s been a great pleasure to listen to these recordings and I have thought with satisfaction that this record is proof that Polish jazz is in great form and still holds a distinguished position in the world.”

  5. 30 June 2013
    The Musical Szczecin

    Place: Parafia Świętej Rodziny
    Kościół pw Królowej Korony Polskiej
    hour: 16:00

    Pau pa rau 


    PAU PA RAU is a brass quintet whose members were brought together by their
    love of chamber music. The aim behind
    forming the ensemble was to provide an alternative to the everyday reality of an orchestra musician, the common creation of art through playing chamber music as well as bringing to light the gems of brass chamber music. The quintet is comprised of the graduates of Music Academies in Gdańsk and Katowice, the soloists of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Szczecin, the lecturers of the Szczecin Academy of Art and the teachers of the music schools from Szczecin. The ensemble’s repertoire includes works ranging from classical to contemporary music.     

  6. 30 June 2013
    The Final Chill-out

    Place: Teatr Kana
    hour: 20:00

    Artelier Consort

    This year the Artelier Festival will be
    brought to an end by wishing everyone a well-deserved rest to mark the beginning
    of summer holidays. You are going to hear some relaxing sounds, straddling minimal music and chill-out. A master of lighting from the Kana Theatre will add some visual sensations, which combined with the music composed by Gustaw Ciężarek will allow you to sit back and fall into a reverie, dreaming of your holiday plans and the upcoming relaxing moments. "Relax and smile..."

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